How can i share my website from local server?

Hello guys.

This article is based on sharing website demo with your client. But how can i do that is that required live server or any free hosting service requirement?

Well, I want to say no. But how?

First you need to install Local by Flywheel its a software is designed for only WordPress according to me right now. But in future there are some improvements going on on this software.

Please check this video below.


  1. It automatically install WordPress on your local server. You don’t need to download from site.
  2. You can enable Multi site setup by just one click no need to configure from back-end.
  3. Design your website and share with your client without any hassle
  4. You can share your local website to your team member to add something new remotely no need to setup extra.
  5. It’s free. Guys

For Hosting Sign Up Getflywheel

If you guys like my this article or any queries please email me or message.

Have a nice day and Happy Holidays.

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