How to Install SSL Certificate using Cloudflare?

Hi, Guys,

I will show you about SSL certificate. How to install it by using cloudflare.
Cloudflare provides you three type of plans one is free and other two is payable.

So, is this works? Is this beneficial for my website or not. Well, if you want to increase your website SEO and increase customer’s then yes. Also, google is showing that your website is not protected with ssl certificate. If you are using this website then you are using at your own risk.

So, How can you install it.

Follow these steps.

Create your account on cloudflare

Step 2: Add your website into cloudflare

Step 3: Change your domain name server to cloudflare nameservers.

Step 4: Wait for propagation it will take 24hrs to 48hrs. But in few case it will change within few minutes.

Step 5 : Go to Cloudflare account then click on Crypto and generate create a originate certificate

Step 6 : Wait for few hours for propagation so that SSL certificate works fine.

Step 7 : Login into your WordPress based website then go to plugins and a new plugin called Really Simple SSL.

Step 8: Activate this plugin and then it will show you a notification about ssl certificate. Then click on Go ahead.

Step 9: You will be log out then you need to login it again.

You SSL certificate is install. If you guys have queries please comments below.

Thank you for reading this article.

Have a great Day

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